机构简介:CMT关爱之家于2015年由患者和患者家属共同发起,是国内首家关注腓骨肌萎缩症的公益组织,通过组织大家可以相互交流,分享就医指南,医护知识,康复训练知识,使病人提高对疾病的认识,掌握正确的应对方法,提高患 者的生活质量,从而使病人在人文关怀,融入社会方面得到改善,最终推动社会在 CMT领域的医疗科研。




号:万分之四 携手同行

Introduction of Organization : CMT Care Organization was built by the patient and the patient's family in 2015, and it is the first nonprofit organization which pay attention to the Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Through the organization we can communicate with each other, share medical guidance, health care knowledge, and rehabilitation training knowledge so that the patients can improve the understanding of the disease, obtain the right methods to improve the quality of life. And the patients’life in the human care, social integration can be improved, finally we can promote medical research in CMT disease area.

Organization mission:  popularize common knowledge of CMT, improve patient quality of life, promote medical research.

Organization Vision: All patients are diagnosed and treated.


Slogan: Four out of ten thousand,let's move forward together hand in hand.